I could have SWORN you said you were turning the water on.

I could have SWORN you said you were turning the water on.
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Happy Birthday to ShatCast.com!

One year ago today the cats of ShatCast made their interweb debut with their very own domain. Our first post on the internet from one year ago was just a short blurb about tabbies that I had discovered on the internet somewhere…not much information.
And as we started a year ago, so are we…

I don’t like the vacuum, so I hide on the counter where it won’t get me.

I don’t really get that whole vacuuming thing anyway. I mean, I know the man staff and woman staff have to clean up, and Boise and I even prefer them to clean up (easier to tell when we’ve made a mess if the place is clean beforehand, ya know?), but why on earth do they have to use… …read the complete post at http://www.shatcast.com/i-dont-like-the-vacuum-so-i-hide-on-the-counter-where-it-wont-get-me/

*sigh* Here I am, on my window seat minding my own business…

…and the meat bag once again pulls out the camera like he’s farking¬†paparazzi¬†or something.
I’m sure a couple of days where I “accidently” go outside of the litter box will give him some time to think about what he’s done.
Hewman! Cleanup on isle two!

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Um…doesn’t everybody have this in the medicine cabinet??

Oh…is the hairless meat bag feeling bad?? Let me give your my purrscription to make you feel all better:

Dr. Bama recommends having 2 cats 6-10 times daily. Repeat until you’re feeling better. Also, in the future…you may want to close the medicine cabinet before… …read the complete post at http://www.shatcast.com/um-doesnt-everybody-have-this-in-the-medicine-cabinet/

Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies! This one is for you. =^..^=

Boise and I hope all you kittehs had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. And we know that since you’ve seen our black and white emo shot, it”ll be just a bit better. Meow.
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Introducing the working model of the Catatron 2000 cat detector!

Our man-staff has been working on some waste of time techno-project he calls the “Catatron 2000,” so we thought we’d at least give him a slight mention here on our website (even though we have wasted space on this gadget before).
This contraption supposedly monitors our cat… …read the complete post at http://www.shatcast.com/introducing-the-working-model-of-the-catatron-2000-cat-detector/

Rainy days and Mondays…

They always get me high. Don’t believe me?

Well, here’s proof! That’s me, high on the cat perch, and as you can see from the cat cam footage, it is raining, and in 1 hour and 40 minutes or so, it will be Monday. I am so high (well, about 9 feet high anyway).
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Sunday reflections

Sometimes Boise and I like to reflect upon our wonderful lives, and ponder things that we are both thankful for. Today, here is what we came up with:
1) We’re thankful our staff is not any more worthless than they are now. Good help is hard to find. Trust us, we know, and we’re… …read the complete post at http://www.shatcast.com/sunday-reflections/

Bird TV is EXCITING today!

Goldfinch’s are back finally, no reruns today!

Although you can’t tell much from the photo above, except that I am beautiful even with lighting that puts much of me in shadow…my tails is swishing like crazy! I am as excited as one of my fat staffers at an all you can eat buffet!
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